we are banner

Our dynamic team creates imaginative videos from beginning to end. Whether it’s a tug of the heartstrings or the thrill of a win, we capture life’s story through an honest lens.

What we do

Banner is a Chicago-based digital content studio specializing in video production. We offer full-service creative from ideation and production to editorial and motion graphics. We pride ourselves on being fun to work with and helping to find the stories that connect with an audience. We also don’t like talking about ourselves, so let’s change the subject, shall we?

A new subject

What? This is an “about” page and we have to talk about ourselves? Okay. We like cats, dogs, birthday lunches and running. Well, not everyone likes running. Some of us prefer snacking. One thing we all love is working together to find meaningful stories and tell them in new and interesting ways.

A thrilling conclusion

Well, dear friends, we’ve made it to the end. If you’ve made it this far mention the code word “pickles” to get a $15 discount off your next video project!