David seeds

seeds the day with javy baez

We like sports and eating food. Naturally, you can find us at the intersection of the two. We were happy to help Conagra Brands maximize the spotlight on its sunflower seeds with burgeoning Cubs superstar, Javy Baez. One day of shooting at venerable Wrigley Field netted us multiple videos-worth of content to spit out.

Seed up the game

Banner oversaw the planning and production of a few incredibly silly props to aid Baez in his never-ending mission to pop more seeds. For some reason, Rob Manfred’s office hasn’t returned any of our repeated phone calls and emails about implementing any of this game-changing technology into Major League Baseball for the 2020 season.

El mago del seeds

Baez consumed more than 1,000,000 seeds on the day of production. Don’t fact-check this.