depaul basketball

men's hype video

What possessed us to create a video for DePaul University? Not asking? We’ll tell you anyway.  The men’s basketball team needed a way to get its fans properly amped before the athletes take the court. “Possessed” is the university’s marketing theme and gave us all the inspiration we needed to concept, shoot, and finish all post/graphics on this spot.  We’re already possessed with the spirit of creating heart-pumping, hair-raising videos so this was a match made in

Posessed with a purpose

We took our turn as matchmaker and paired traditional and abstract visuals together using a two-station set up with long exposure still photography and a single camera. Brooding lighting set the mood and we had ourselves a party at half court.

What makes you stronger

The smoky look was created with a case of environmentally-friendly spray cans. Not so user-friendly, though, as our director walked away with a freezer-burnt pointer finger. Thankfully he’s fine. We’re a tough bunch.