Animation & Motion Graphics in Chicago

Many of the brands we work with use animation to bring their ideas to life and connect with their audiences. Whether an instructional video that is easily digestible or a more emotional, thought-provoking piece that communicates who you are as an organization, our team of talented experts can help you realize the full potential of this medium to delight and inspire your audience. We pride ourselves on being fun to work with, and animation is the ideal art form for letting that shine.

Animation and Motion
Graphics Capabilities

We can deliver animated brand videos to serve virtually any purpose. We canleverage our complete capabilities to create a short video explaining a newproduct or service, training employees in your procedures, promoting your brandand much more. Dynamic, colorful animation has the power to grab a viewer’sattention and hold it. We have the in-house skills and talent necessary todeliver just about any style of animated corporate video that fits your audience and purpose.Some examples of what we can provide include:  
·     Brand videos
·     Corporate videos
·     Training videos
·     Marketing clips
·     Promotional animations
Explainer videos  Rest assured that whatever we make for you will be scalableacross multiple platforms, including social media. No matter what type ofscreen your viewers are using, we can build a promo video animation that will reach them in themost effective way possible.
Everything We Can Do for You
As a creative production studio, we provide you with themost complete solutions. Our talented and experienced people will be there everystep of the way, from helping you conceptualize a story all the way through topost-production.
The portfolio we have created over the years includes a diverse selection of big-name clients across multiple sectors. Our team members have developed video content for customers in the technology, food and beverage, and sports worlds. We’re particularly proud of our work for professional sports teams, creating showcases for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks and Indianapolis Colts among others.
If you’re ready to get started on learning what makes us the leaders in the field, we’re waiting to hear from you. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can bring your vision off the drawing board and onto screens everywhere.